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Avia Compass is a reliable and precise navigation tool specifically designed for aviation enthusiasts and aviators using Android devices. This functional compass app ensures quick and convenient navigation both in the air and on the ground, helping aviators make informed decisions during flights.

Avia Compass is a

Avia Compass offers the following key features for aviators:

  • Precise Compass: Displays the current direction with high accuracy, allowing aviators to navigate even in challenging conditions.
  • Aviator Satellite: Tailored for both hobbyists and experienced aviators, offering essential features for both aerial and ground navigation.
  • Map Integration: Track the aviator's location on maps, providing additional support for route planning.
  • Weather Alerts: Timely notifications about weather changes, helping aviators make informed decisions.
  • Android Compatibility: Supports a wide range of Android devices, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.

Key Functions

The Avia Compass provides essential navigation and situational awareness for pilots with comprehensive aviation tools.
User-Friendly Interface:

 Intuitive and easily customizable interface for user convenience.

weather radar
Safety Measures

Built-in safety features such as the ability to send SOS signals in emergencies, providing extra security for aviators.

Regular Updates

Frequent updates to enhance user experience and introduce new features for aviators.



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